No Other Child

No Other Child Michael D. Hoffman In March 2011, Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago, wrote: The voices of those who have been sexually abused as children are often heard only years, even decades, after the children have been hurt.  In meeting with those who have been abused, I have heard again and again their heartfelt concern that no other child… Read More No Other Child


Teresa Pitt Green, Founder Delight. A pinwheel is all about delight. It’s defined by action-words like twirling, spinning, whirling, swirling, dancing. It’s associated with favorite things like fireworks, holidays, toys, cookies and even pinwheel-shaped galaxies. Pinwheels really are a fitting image to promote Child Abuse Prevention event such as those our fellow Founder of the… Read More Pinwheels

Social Media Savvy

Using Social Media to Secure a Future[1] Deacon John Marques de Silva Director, Office of Child Protection Diocese of Arlington, Virginia Most teenagers do not realize that it is common practice for College Admission Counselors (How Online Posts Affect Colleges’ Decisions) and Human Resource professionals (Your digital footprint is ruining your job application) to use the social… Read More Social Media Savvy


TEENS AND LAW Sexting Penalties[1] Deacon John Marques de Silva Director, Office of Child Protection Diocese of Arlington, Virginia In northern Virginia, local high schools in 2015 attempted to deal with the issue of sexting. Sexting may be defined as “the act of sending sexually explicit messages, videos or photos electronically, using a cell phone or… Read More Sexting


Bullying Prevent Child Abuse America offers a brief and very useful summary of ways to detect and respond to peer abuse and bullying. These topics come up often when we are speaking to parents about child abuse. While different, they still leave a child suffering in isolation, and tips used in their prevention can help… Read More Bullying