Michael D. Hoffman is a practicing Catholic and a devoted husband and father to two teenaged children. As a little boy for a period of four years, Michael endured sexual abuse by a priest, who was a dear family friend. As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Michael seeks to reconcile himself to the truth of the abuse and how it has affected him and his family.

Mike volunteers his time at his local parish, St. Mary of the Woods. He serves on the Liturgy Committee and as a lector. He is the past President of the school Athletic Board and he has served for years on the Hope and Healing Committee of the Archdiocese of Chicago – a group of clergy abuse survivors, priests and staff from the Archdiocese who reach out to victims/survivors and their family members as an aid to healing from the pain.

Recently, Mike has been appointed Vice President for the Board of Directors, Prevent Child Abuse – Illinois, a nonprofit organization which provides key leadership for child abuse prevention in Illinois through prevention education and public awareness, community outreach, public policy advocacy, and promotion of effective prevention programs.

For his day job, Mike is the owner of a small orthopedic product distribution company.

Mike co-founded, edits and writes for this newsletter as part of his ongoing therapeutic process, but also to help others find their voice and discover the depth of their faith. Mike believes that together, if we can find our voices and express ourselves, we will be able to reclaim what was lost to the truth of the abuse. His book, Acts of Recovery – The Story of One Man’s On-Going Healing from Sexual Abuse by a Priest, is regularly shared with survivors just first approaching the Catholic Church to report before a Review Board and with Review Board members. It has proven invaluable to many survivors seeking to find spiritual healing from the wound of abuse.



Acts of Recovery The Story of One Man’s On-Going Healing from Sexual Abuse by a Priest, by Michael D. Hoffman

From revealing his “secret” to family, through reporting to a Review Board and taking unique steps to lay the past to rest, Mike recounts the actions he took to find his own separate peace.

Read Mike’s Articles in Healing Voices. > Find List Here.

Mike’s posts as a Guest Blogger on Chicago Blog, hosted by the Archdiocese of Chicago may be found here.

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