Kudos to Us!

For Your Compliments and Encouragement

Here are some notes you kindly wrote to us after our first issue:

“Some come through a tragedy, such as shared by the writers of Healing Voices, stronger, maybe more tentative, less trusting, scared but survivors and, maybe, warriors who clear the pathways for those without the strength to do so.  I sense the “warriors” within the readings.”

“Your words and support for each other are inspirational.”

“It is a powerful newsletter. You are all so brave and unselfish.”

“INCREDIBLE!  I was touched deeply (to tears) by so many voices speaking that others might find hope and healing! Thank you to everyone who played a role in making this happen.”

“Once again, this newsletter brings healing voices to a weary world, reminding us that “a bruised reed he shall not break” (Isaiah 42:3).  In the articles in this issue, once again, authors’ healing voices serve as a holy balm, bringing honesty, kindness, and mercy to our ears.  This newsletter of healing voices also serves to encourage others to give voice to their experiences, no matter how crippling or painful.  As the newsletter symbolizes, it is in this communion of voices that healing, mercy, and hope bloom forth.  Shouting from the mountaintop, I sing praise and gratitude to and for the Founders for the gift of this newsletter!”

“I like this < Special Edition – Child Abuse Prevention, April 2016> issue. I like the image on the front. I like all the “official” guest writers on child abuse prevention. I particularly liked the survivor’s roundtable discussion where they talked about Spotlight and their individual responses… very cool way to do it. I am sure a lot of people like me wondered… what would a survivor think of this movie? Now, we know.“

“Again amazing. This indeed is inspiring and a great accomplishment. I will continue to share the newsletter and hope and pray that one of our survivors will one day join these brave and amazing survivors.”

“Reading this newsletter and all the individual contributions highlights what a complex issue sexual abuse is for those affected, as well as the ongoing healing process.  I was particularly struck by the reviews of Spotlight… beyond a typical movie review, I feel these reviews were enlightening in sharing each reviewer’s current state of ongoing recovery.  Each person is affected differently and heals on their own timeline.  I find these individual perspectives invaluable tools in reminding all of us to never forget or assume we know all the answers.”

“It is a cliché to say this is God’s work, but I sure do hope HIMSELF is noticing how hard doing good is for all of you wounded people, harmed at the hands of his people.”

“This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Your feedback means so much to us. Please keep on letting us know what you like and dislike!

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