Serving in Parish Ministries: Ministry of Care

By Kathy O’Connell, Founder

Some find it difficult to believe that after one was abused by clergy that same person can remain involved in their parish. It’s different for each victim survivor, as healing for each one differs in its own way and time as well. For myself, I have remained involved in my parish, and I’m grateful to God for guiding me on that path.

One ministry which is dear to my heart is being a Minister of Care. For fifteen years, I have brought the Holy Eucharist to many different people who in some way were unable to get to church for themselves. Some have been strangers. Some were friends or relatives. The path that led me to each of these people was different; however, the feeling it brings over me is always pure joy.

It’s difficult to see others who are sick or dying, but, in some way, it brings a powerful feeling over me to be able to be on that journey with each of them. I believe in many situations they’ve brought as much to me as I’ve brought to them. I went to see them bringing prayers, company and the Holy Eucharist. And I left with a warm feeling in my heart, just knowing that my visit in some way brought peace and joy to each of them. It’s a powerful ministry. I don’t always feel I’m worthy enough to be a part of it; yet, I often feel God’s presence with me in each visit I make.

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