The Steadfast Search: One Step at a Time

By Tim Ruffner, Founder

As I sit in front of my computer contemplating what to write, I realize that in all honesty I haven’t really stepped back into the “Church” as I wanted to just yet. I suppose it’s a number of things, some of which stem back from when I was abused, but more, now, as I get older, sometimes I realize everything is in our heads. What I mean by that is, faith is just that, what we have faith in; within our own bodies.

Do I need to go into a church to have faith, or to believe in something? My answer is no. I believe in many things in life that others may not; however, that doesn’t mean my faith is any different than theirs. I do however think that, at some point in my life, I will step into a Catholic church as I truly feel that will be the tipping point of my healing process. I have a huge support group now, which makes it very easy to step into a Catholic church and then reach out to those around me to step in for support.

I will tell you that I recently went into a Church while in Mexico for a 50th wedding anniversary. I think that was easier for me being, as I was, out of the country maybe, or was it that nobody in there spoke English? Nonetheless, I feel it was one step closer to being fully healed. If you have any suggestions on how I can do this within my healing process, please feel free to reach out to us in the group directly, as I would love to hear your thoughts as a reader.

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