Willow Tree

By Sooz Jeson

A Poetic Reflection on a Blog Post/Sermon by Sally Johnson

Characteristics of the Weeping Willow Tree…
It seems to contain energy and intuition.
It is flexible and can bend, unlike other trees, without breaking.
It has the ability to adjust and adapt to life rather than fight it.
It can grow very large
but is also grow from a solitary branch that has fallen into water.
It not only lives in less than optimal conditions but thrives there.
While planted so close to water, it seems to float while its roots grow deep, hanging on for dear life.
The willow tree becomes a living testament of the wisdom
of blooming where you are planted,
of standing your ground,
of thriving in less than optimal conditions,
of spreading beauty and love into the world.
May everyone who has endured the pain of abuse learn from the Willow Tree.
Our Soul – our roots and will be the testament of our Wisdom and Faith in God.

2 thoughts on “Willow Tree

  1. Great healing poetry. I am a poetry lover and like to read Roots Poetry of Brenden Pettingill, which help people into natural healing Ulcerative Colitis, Vipassana meditation & reading healing poetry. Thanks. I also read yours.


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