Darkness or Depression?

In America magazine (March 17, 2008), James Martin S.J., wrote an article “Shadows in Prayer,” which reviews a book titled Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta (Brian Kolodiejchuck (ed.), New York, NY: Image, 2009). In social media Fr. Martin asked: “Mother Teresa faced great spiritual darkness in her life. Some say she was depressed. Is that the same thing?” Fr. Martin admitted this book can be challenging for many who are confronted with the depth of Mother’s “darkness, dryness, desolation, doubt, disbelief, depression and despair—the seven D’s.” His article then provides important context, historically, about how Christian spiritual masters have looked at the many layers of the dark night of any soul, understanding it for its spiritual wealth and realities. This Fr. Martin article is a great read for those seeking to tease apart what shadows to know how to discuss them with a spiritual counselor and/or a trained mental health professional.


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