Lighting Candles and Praying Online

Have an intention weighing on your heart while you are home alone or sitting at your work desk? Thanks to the internet you have a simple way to reach out for help from prayer warriors all over the world. Here are four top U.S. options. The Nationwide Center for St. Jude Devotions in Baltimore, Maryland, has online grotto where you can go for inspiration and support, and you can also light a candle for $5 that will last a week in the shrine to the patron of hopeless cases. Also, there is a famous shrine that is a replica of the Lourdes grotto at the University of Notre Dame where you can also visit online, light a candle and ask for a prayer intention to be remembered there. Catholic Shopping, one of several great Catholic online stores, offers candle options. To share prayers with others who may not be Catholic, there is the Little Grotto which has a candle grotto with free candles for intentions which you can share with others while a group of prayer warriors pray for your intention four times each day; it also offers free prayerful greetings to share with others.

One thought on “Lighting Candles and Praying Online

  1. Hadn’t thought about this kind of thing, it feels invasive but maybe I can try the massage with my sweat clothes on. Thanks for the ideas. great issue. where did you guys get the idea to do this?!? i’m passing along to a friend tonight.


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