Sober Holidays

By Mark

I am a grateful recovering alcoholic. Through God’s grace I am 18 years sober.

Christmas is full of “reasons” for me to start drinking. There’s a lot of reasons to feel sorry for myself around then. But that’s stinking thinking and it leads me back to drinking. So I have to fight back.

I have to make the effort to attend more AA meetings. I have to make the effort to serve others even more. One example is that I arrive early and stay late for holiday meetings to talk with drunks who hit rock bottom when everybody else is too busy celebrating to notice. I remind them that sure it’s a dark time but that there’s hope if they just turn their busted lives over to God.

Also, in November and December I haul boxes for food and toy drives after work at night. Most important I make extra time and effort for conscious contact with the God of my understanding. I have to do more of that during Christmas or I’ll start focusing on all the so-called reasons I have to drink.

When I make the extra effort God responds and that is the only way my emptiness is filled. Believe me. God fills every minute with His Presence if you just get out of the way and let Him. It’s worth making the extra effort when you’re sliding down.

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