Time for Me

By Shannon M. Deitz

I believe one of the greatest gifts I give to myself during the Christmas holidays is taking time for me. I make it an effort to say I’m worth the time to do what I love, and for me that is sitting in front of a fire, watching Christmas movies on TV, snuggled under a blanket. I don’t have to please anyone else, do for anyone else, or have guilt for taking the time for me. Being a survivor of abuse it is hard to accept that we deserve anything ‘good’ for ourselves and in doing this it has taught me to come back to the simple joy of the season. The side benefit is the down time tends to recharge my emotional well-being and I am more capable and willing to then spread that Christmas joy to my friends and family.

Shannon M. Deitz is the Founder Hopeful Hearts Ministry, which gives a VOICE to Survivors of Abuse. She is also the author of the newly released Redeemed: The Story of a Marriage Torn Apart by Past Abuse and Restored by Faith and Exposed: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him. More about Ms. Deitz’s work with survivors may be found on the Hopeful Hearts Ministry website.

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