How to Help Us: A Checklist


Help Us: Things for You to Do

  • Let yourself be rejuvenated and inspired by this Special Issue of The Healing Voices Magazine.
  • Get a copy of, copy and share the book and The Healing Voices Magazine with others in your diocese. Encourage them to subscribe and read!
  • Share a copy of this book with your bishop(s), archbishop or cardinal. Perhaps its insights and ideas will help your ministry reach more people. We can help you!
  • Encourage survivors and their family members to plug into The Healing Voices Magazine, to read, to share it and discuss it, to pray with us, and perhaps to contribute articles within the purview of our Mission Statement.
  • Share this with colleagues, therapists, social workers, priests, deacons, religious and lay ministers. Share it with Review Boards. Encourage them to become more familiar with how to integrate faith into the process of recovery from abuse and all its secondary issues, such as substance abuse. Encourage Review Board members to subscribe. Tell psychologists within your diocese of this resource.
  • Share with people working in the area of child protection, victim assistance, human trafficking, prison ministries, substance abuse programs and all the other areas where survivors of abuse may be found.
  • Share this with your diocesan newspaper and any Catholic bloggers you know.
  • Encourage everyone to subscribe (for free) to The Healing Voices Magazine and/or join us for our virtual prayer service on the Feast of the Archangels.

We can provide an image/link for your website or promotional copy for local news.



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