Sooz Jeson, Founder  

Dear Lord,

As your beloved Saint Francis said, Make me an instrument of Your peace.

Where there has been the sin of abuse committed against so many, may the love of You in my soul feed my fellow survivors with compassion.

Where there remains injury from abuse that is hard to see and harder to bear, let the eyes of my heart see and the heart of my heart reach out to welcome each person to safety.

Where there is doubt that Your love has remained true in a life abused, let Truth prevail, and let my steadfast faith lead me in the right direction when I doubt I am lovable.

Where there is despair in ever being healed, allow my hope in You to be contagious to anyone lost or paralyzed by the overwhelming impact of abuse.

Where there is spiritual darkness, let my encouragement cast a light to dispel the fears of those who cannot see a way to You and to healing after being hurt by abuse.

Where there is sadness and grieving the loss of childhood, allow my attentiveness and respect help others tend the beauty in their lives and to find joy.

O Divine Master, grant courage to those who failed children so they can acknowledge actions—for what we have done and failed to do–and seek penance, reform, child safety and wisdom.

For those who committed abuse, too, I pray their conscience awakens and guides them to a place of repentance and of safety for all who know them. I pray for their full surrender to Your Will so that all of Your children can be safe as they gather in Your Church.

Master, help me to acknowledge in truth my own role, my reactions, my right steps, my failures and in Your call for me to help others, so that I am free to contribute with faith, hope and joy to Church renewal and survivor ministry.

Oh Lord, continue to fuel my faith with an eagerness to bring healing to all those who have been abused and also to our Church which has also suffered greatly from this cancer of abuse.


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