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We welcome essays, articles, poems or reviews of books, articles, retreats or other spiritual services and/or trauma-training programs.

Prospective contributors should read our mission statement, and their work should align with goal is to share wisdom, faith and hope about reconciling faith with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm caused by child abuse by clergy or others in authority.


Contributors are a mix of survivors, family members of survivors, friends of survivors, and many others, for example, traditional and alternative-healing therapists, priests, deacons, nuns and other ordained and lay Catholic and Christian ministers, experts in the fields of child abuse prevention and recovery. For more info, see our current list.


Guidelines for submissions are found on this page. Guidelines are simple: Most submissions for 2018 are limited to 600 words, most will be shorter. Research-based articles may be 1200 words long, but the topic needs to be approved prior to submission. When you submit your work, please include your real name, email and city/state. We also need you to specify the name under which we should publish the article, and, except for those who prefer to remain anonymous or pseudonymous, we ask for a bio to include with an article. You will find ideas on the contributors page.


Readers: Who Are You Writing For?

The Healing Voices reading audience is a mix: about 20% victims or family members, about 30% ministry or church admin, 40% social workers and therapists. The remaining 10% seems to be in academia. Readers are 70% from the US, but also Canada and Europe, and we have readers from South Africa, Philippines, Guam, Australia, Chile and Mexico.

Mission: Does Your Idea Fit into Our Mission?

We are a dedicated group of survivors abused by clergy. Our mission is to reconcile our faith with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm done to us. We wish to reach out to all who have suffered from any tragic event that has left your hearts broken and your faith shaken, just like ours. Together, we can raise our voices, tell our stories and provide healing information to make our Church and society a better place for all.

Send Info or Links

  1. Child Protection, Child Abuse Prevention.  Have you attended or participated in any service or ministry offered by your diocese? How did it go? Have any great ideas for an event or service that might help? What would it look like?
  2. Book Reviews. Either select a book that helped you – doesn’t matter if on this topic, or Catholic! Contact us to get a sign off from thee editors, and then we’ll ask you to write about how this topic or book or author helped you. We are very interested in books suggested by survivors and specialists, but also family members.
  3. Programs.  We are focusing over the next year on getting as many retreats, workshops and other options for survivors and family members as possible reviewed here. These programs do not need to be focused on survivors of clergy abuse, and they do not need to be Catholic, but all must meet some basic standards our editors have set regarding trauma-informed care and/or spiritual healing after abuse.

Suggested Topics

  1. Was there a helper, a person who made a big impact on your healing journey?
  2. Did an event or crisis in your adult life help grapple with healing from abuse?
  3. Has medical care, e.g., visiting a physician’s office, posed difficulties related to abuse? If so, what? How have you handled it? Know any good resources?
  4. What does “being healed” look like to you? How do you define it?
  5. Tips or advice for how can priests, teachers, all Christian preachers speak to the trauma wound from the pulpit?
  6. How is health care good at caring for trauma wounds, how not? What have you learned that you might want to share?
  7. What would you say to a victim of (any) abuse if he/she told you before anyone?
  8. How do you / or how to you encourage victims to make some peace with the idea God did not save us from abuse? Why me, as a question?
  9. How are family affected, and helped? What would you say pr have you said to a parent or sibling or spouse?
  10. Do you have any reflections on others hurt by one or more degree of separation – teachers, social workers or therapists, or doctors/nurses, or ministers and priests or nuns? Compassion fatigue, or weary from sharing this grief and pain?
  11. Is there something in the Christian faith that particularly offers support to a survivor and/or family member and/or those who care for them?

Contributors, upon their request, may obtain a nicely presented version of their submission(s) after publication here in PDF to help distribution. We’ll work with you to be sure it suits your need.

Have an idea or suggestion but don’t want to write? No problem. Contact us!


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