Forgiveness: Resources for Reflecting

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder Forgiveness is terribly difficult process. For survivors of abuse by clergy or by others in authority where abusers were enabled and even forgiven, the idea of forgiveness is fraught with associations of complicity. Yet, forgiveness begins with reflection and discernment. Here are some resources to help with discernment – without suggesting… Read More Forgiveness: Resources for Reflecting

Four Ways Dorothy Day Overcame Loneliness – And You Can Too

In an Aletia post of this same title, Fr. Michael Rennier discusses the particularly intense loneliness in the life of Dorothy Day – and ways she dealt with it. Excerpt: Known for her social activism on behalf of the poor and her commitment to peace and nonviolence, Dorothy Day inspired countless people by her life and… Read More Four Ways Dorothy Day Overcame Loneliness – And You Can Too

Peer Support for Secondary Victims

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder As another in the series about loved ones seeking to support survivors, this article considers the wisdom available in groups which support secondary victims of different but related traumas. One renowned group dedicated to secondary victims is the Alanon Family Groups program. Alanon grew out of families gathering together meeting with… Read More Peer Support for Secondary Victims

Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Victims

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder “Secondary trauma” is a term that only recently started to appear in psychological research referring to professionals, such as mental health care providers, first responders, ministers and others who work regularly with multiple traumatized people. Professionals had been experiencing a high rate of burnout when offering support to survivors of trauma and… Read More Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Victims