Requiescat in Pace: Barbara Blaine

Requiescat in Pace: Barbara Blaine By Michael D. Hoffman and Teresa Hartnett We didn’t personally know Barbara Blaine. Her sudden passing occurred at the time this issue was being produced, so we have hastened to add this acknowledgement of Barbara Blaine’s powerful voice among survivors of clergy abuse. For 30+ years, Ms. Blaine advocated for… Read More Requiescat in Pace: Barbara Blaine

It’s Critical: Trauma-Informed Care

In your efforts to continuously improve care being offered to survivors and family members–and anyone suffering from post-traumatic stress–please take a look at how trauma-informed care options are. If you need resources, there are many, but here are a few. Fr. Ken Schmidt has written a wonderful description for The Healing Voices Magazine about trauma-informed… Read More It’s Critical: Trauma-Informed Care


On June 14, 2017, the United States Conference for Catholic Bishops opened its Plenary Assembly in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a Mass of Prayer and Penance related to praying, also, for Healing of Survivors of Clergy Abuse. The homily was preached by Archbishop Wilton Gregory of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. What are your reflections on the… Read More ROUND TABLE: BISHOPS MASS OF PRAYER AND PENANCE

Rosary Beads

Teresa Pitt Green, Founder I carried rosary beads for years after I stopped praying them. I carried rosary beads  even after I made it clear to God we were no longer on speaking terms. Here’s my simple case for why you should too. In therapy, we all face how portions of our young lives were buried… Read More Rosary Beads


Teresa Pitt Green, Founder Delight. A pinwheel is all about delight. It’s defined by action-words like twirling, spinning, whirling, swirling, dancing. It’s associated with favorite things like fireworks, holidays, toys, cookies and even pinwheel-shaped galaxies. Pinwheels really are a fitting image to promote Child Abuse Prevention event such as those our fellow Founder of the… Read More Pinwheels