Teresa Pitt Green, Founder Delight. A pinwheel is all about delight. It’s defined by action-words like twirling, spinning, whirling, swirling, dancing. It’s associated with favorite things like fireworks, holidays, toys, cookies and even pinwheel-shaped galaxies. Pinwheels really are a fitting image to promote Child Abuse Prevention event such as those our fellow Founder of the… Read More Pinwheels

Pinwheels for Prevention

Among all its work, Prevent Child Abuse America holds “Pinwheels for Prevention” every April, Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Archdiocese of Chicago joins PCA in planting pinwheel gardens as a reminder of the role we play in protecting children’s and young people’s daily lives. If you would like to plant a pinwheel garden in your parish, please reach out to… Read More Pinwheels for Prevention

Working in Child and Youth Protection: A Deacon’s Perspective

By Deacon Robert M. de Silva, Director Office for the Protection of Children and Youth, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia I will never forget during my formation as a Catholic Permanent Deacon in 2007, the day when the diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator brought in two victim/survivors to speak with my class. We wept though their testimonies and,… Read More Working in Child and Youth Protection: A Deacon’s Perspective