Mental Illness: Five Patron Saints to Invoke

Excerpt for our Christmas 2017 Issue Whitney Hetzel, GETFED: FEED YOUR FAITH, April 7, 2016 This author quotes Saint Pope John Paul II with something some of our readers may appreciate: “Whoever suffers from mental illness ‘always’ bears God’s image and likeness in himself, as does every human being. In addition, he ‘always’ has the… Read More Mental Illness: Five Patron Saints to Invoke

It’s Critical: Trauma-Informed Care

In your efforts to continuously improve care being offered to survivors and family members–and anyone suffering from post-traumatic stress–please take a look at how trauma-informed care options are. If you need resources, there are many, but here are a few. Fr. Ken Schmidt has written a wonderful description for The Healing Voices Magazine about trauma-informed… Read More It’s Critical: Trauma-Informed Care