How Trauma Affects Our Brain and Behavior

John Rigg, MD, is a professional musician who, in his forties, became a physician. In his work with trauma patients, Dr. Rigg has observed how the brain is constantly reacting to sensory information, generating non-thinking reactions before our intelligent individual human brains are able to process the event and formulate a self-driven response. His 28-minute… Read More How Trauma Affects Our Brain and Behavior

Is Catholic Psychotherapy Different?

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder Is Catholic psychotherapy different than non-Catholic or secular psychotherapy? Yes … but it only works for some, while for others it could be a re-wounding. So, proceed with care. And, it’s no substitute for pastoral care. To begin, what is Catholic psychotherapy? How is it different? For an excellent review, here… Read More Is Catholic Psychotherapy Different?

Peer Support for Secondary Victims

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder As another in the series about loved ones seeking to support survivors, this article considers the wisdom available in groups which support secondary victims of different but related traumas. One renowned group dedicated to secondary victims is the Alanon Family Groups program. Alanon grew out of families gathering together meeting with… Read More Peer Support for Secondary Victims

When Someone You Love Has Been Sexually Abused

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder This is  one in a series of related articles written at the invitation of Orthodoxy in Dialogue, which is a leading blog for the Orthodox Church published and edited by doctoral students of theology at the University of Toronto. While written from the perspective of a Roman Catholic, the editors and readers… Read More When Someone You Love Has Been Sexually Abused