Virtual Prayer Service

Join Us to Pray For

Abuse Survivors and Those They Love

September 29, 2017

5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern

Eventbrite - Praying for Abuse Victims & Those They Love

What’s It About?

In response to Pope Francis’s call for a Universal Day of Prayer for survivors of abuse, The Healing Voices Magazine is hosting a Virtual Prayer Service at the Little Grotto.

Together we will pray for all survivors of abuse, regardless of who the abuser was, and for their families, loved ones, friends, neighbors and parishes. We will also pray for all affected by abuse in the Catholic Church, including priests, deacons, sisters and other religious.

We seek to amplify the prayers for victims of abuse and all others being raised around the world in response to the Pope’s call for us to join together. This prayer service will join with the prayers of services held by the USCCB on the National Day Prayer, but has been timed to avoid overlapping dates.

A 30-minute prayer service will be led by Catholic survivors of abuse and focus on a healing litany of love.



15 Minutes Before Beginning: Musical Meditations

Opening Song: You Raise Me Up (one stanza)

Opening Prayer: Poem/Prayer on the Feast of the Guardian Angels

Litany of Love and Mercy:

1 – For Survivors

2 – For Family Members, Loved Ones, Friends

3 – For Mental and Physical Health Professionals

4 – For Professionals in Law Enforcement, Jurisprudence, Social Services, Reporters

5 – For Victim Assistance Coordinators, Child Protection Professionals and Colleagues

6 – For Priests, Sisters, Deacons, All Ministers and Religious

7 – For Abusers and Their Families

8 – For Those Suffering from Hurricanes and Other Disasters

9 – For Pope Francis and Church Leaders

10 – For Our World

Scripture Reading (Matt 28:1-10)


Closing Prayer

Amazing Grace: Hum Along Hymn

After the service ends, the organizer will be available for questions, and all participants will receive a followup list of information and a survey.

Beyond these notices, emails will not be used, rented, sold or otherwise distributed. Your attendance is confidential.

For more information about the program send us a note. There is no fee.

Simply RSVP for yourself, and consider bringing a friend or family member. Registrants will receive the link information on September 25. Please sign in a few minutes early.

We hope to share a time of prayer with you from our homes and hearts!


The Founders of The Healing Voices Magazine

Eventbrite - Praying for Abuse Victims & Those They Love